#185, by soft, 2013. 05. 27. 16:39
MateuszSkutnik: Today it struck me that it\'s almost 8 years since the Submachine was created. Eight years. o_0
Erendis42: @MateuszSkutnik grandpa! :D
MateuszSkutnik: RT @TeeLoeffel: @MateuszSkutnik Congratulations. I\'s been fun years with you and submachine. Love to you <3
Erendis42: @MateuszSkutnik grandpa!
MateuszSkutnik: RT @AshleyTillery2: @MateuszSkutnik The Submachine series is easily the greatest escape the room series of all time. #thanks
Erendis42: @MateuszSkutnik too bad your ego is getting extremely big lately
MateuszSkutnik: please staph. I\'m laughing too hard :D http://t.co/C9tRPkFhqp
Erendis42: @MateuszSkutnik why have you changed so much?
MateuszSkutnik: @Erendis42 that\'s new. In what way?
Erendis42: @MateuszSkutnik you used to be modest and manly, now you act like an attention whore.
Erendis42: @MateuszSkutnik i know success is hard to handle, but i know you can do it. you have to.
Erendis42: @MateuszSkutnik you are a role model for many of us...
MateuszSkutnik: @Erendis42 explain more, in what way am I craving attention. enlighten me.
Erendis42: @MateuszSkutnik i cannot \"enlighten you\", you did that to yourself, but somehow you forgot it...
Erendis42: @MateuszSkutnik maybe someday we can talk about that irl. i\'d love to.
MateuszSkutnik: @Erendis42 ok then. you clearly have no clue what you\'re talking about. you don\'t know me. I\'ve got one word for you: unfollow.
Erendis42: @MateuszSkutnik that is not a way of problem solving. i know you\'ll think about what i said, and that\'s enough for me. have an annoying day.
MateuszSkutnik: @Erendis42 yeah, sure, I\'ll be thinking whole day. Just as when you called me grandpa. that was deep too.
Erendis42: @MateuszSkutnik that was a joke...
MateuszSkutnik: @Erendis42 so you\'re telling a joke and follow that with a serious accusation of me being an attention whore? nice timing.
Erendis42: @MateuszSkutnik so, you think not getting it on purpose made you look cooler?
MateuszSkutnik: @Erendis42 I\'m done. However feel free to troll on.
Erendis42: @MateuszSkutnik i\'m not trolling!!!

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